"The idea of creating a robot arose from a specific need. Robots are a tool that has been used in IT for some time, what is new is the application of this solution to a business process. One application was inefficient in terms of retrieving information from it. The human factor made it impossible to retrieve all the necessary data in a day's work. Thanks to the robot, we have eliminated this problem - it works 24 hours a day, and collecting this data for it is no difficulty at all" - says Janusz Popielewski, director of the Department of Information Technology from Bydgoszcz City Hall

The project on robotization of the process of managing documents for electricity from the seller and distributor for city units was implemented in 2021, by units of the Bydgoszcz City Hall: Department of Information Technology and the Energy Management Team. The premise of the implementation of the robot, is to independently perform the distribution and archiving of documents for electricity from the seller and distributor for the units of the City of Bydgoszcz, along with the acquisition of data from these documents.

Some statistics:

  • The volume of documents downloaded by the robot on an annual basis is about 20,000 multi-page PDF documents.
  • The average annual number of documents to be downloaded can reach 20,000.
  • Implementation began in 2020 roku, and expansion work is underway - also thanks to the DUET project.
  • The implementation process consists of 4 stages.
  • The application of this solution to the business process cost 133 thousand PLN. It was financed from the Bydgoszcz city budget.
  • The default archiving period for documents is 5 years from the moment of downloading.
  • It took 1 month to prepare the system for operation.